about me

I'm a knitting, draping, sewing and handdyeing fool with an unfailing bent toward luxury yarns and expensive fabrics. 

I started designing because everything I liked was the price of a race horse. I go for drape, texture, fluidity, fit and softness - but most of all, I am crazy about color.

Lately I have been playing with knit jersey fabrics that move with the body, eco-friendly materials like hemp, bamboo and organic cotton, and exceptional printed silk chiffons.

Even more lately, I have re-discovered my profound love for hand-dyeing. There goes the kitchen, and my focus.

On a more personal note, I am a gluttonous photographer of nature. I love singing in the car. Laughing is a favorite too, as are friends, watching sunrise, sunset and every cloud in-between, the beach, the smell of seawater, snorkeling with fishies and turtles, the waves, and gazing at the paddle surfers. I like sailing too. And skiing and snow, a lifelong passion. And hiking, a more recent infatuation.

I am also intensely curious and love to push around the corner, see what lies beyond the turn, breathe from the top of the peak and explore the hidden wonders, away from the beaten path.

And no, that's not me in the picture:)) (Photo ©Mark Oberlin markoberlin.com)